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Default Of DSL and Eudora...

I took the plunge and signed up for Verizon's Starter DSL plan ($12.99/month for 6 months and $17.99/month for months 7-12), received the self-install package and my activation date was supposed to be 4/2 but I got an email late 3/31 that it was ready.

After consulting with the Verizon DSL forum at dslreports, I decided to do the install on my backup system--a laptop--just to avoid all that crappy software that these sort of things seem to bring.

The process was fairly straightforward although I was informed that my system wasn't up to par and oh! boo-hoo-hoo!!! the Windows Experience software (oh gag me!) couldn't be installed--I weep copious tears at the loss...'-}}

After figuring out the SMTP server names for Verizon which of course do not use the nicely common "smtp.verizon.net" oh no!!! we gotta make it "simple" with "incoming.verizon.net" and "outgoing.verizon.net", I did a quick test using Netscape7.2's mail and sent and received with no problems. Same with Wincim...

On to Eudora...

3 hours later after trying this and trying that and finally an online chat with a very nice person named Omer who actually didn't figure it out but got me far enough for me to figure it out myself, I could send mail from Eudora--receiving mail had not been a problem.

Soooo...just in case anyone else runs into this...

With Verizon DSL (maybe other DSL providers?), rather than just entering the outgoing server name into the appropriate field in Eudora (Tools > Options > Getting Started > SMTP Server (outgoing)) as I did with Comcast, you have to create a Eudora personality for the Verizon DSL account, select that personality in the Sending Mail (Tools > Options) "SMTP Relay Personality" drop down box and then for each Personality you have (other than the Verizon one), you need to make sure that the "Use relay personality, if defined" option is selected via the Properites for that Personality.

That done, sending mail works just fine and the "relay personality" does not overlay the return address for the "other" personality from which you are sending mail.

I haven't actually tried the DSL connection from my main system but I'm hoping to do tomorrow or friday...

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