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Steve Rindsberg
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That'd be Bing.

Teams? I don't so much use it (which seems to imply volition) as get sucked (dragged by the hair might be better) into its maw.

I was trying to help my wife get logged into a Teams meeting after I'd heard her cussing at it for a while and then "Oh, I'll just use my phone." This a meeting that had to do with art, as I recall. So engaging on the telephonic device.

So I went at it, correct link in hand. It wouldn't go there in the browser, suggested installing the Teams app. Sure, that generally seems to work better anyhow. We click the download button, install the app, start it and .... "You need to update Teams". OhferbaudSake. OK. Run through the whole rigamarole again, start it up and "You need to update Teams"

Ah. The old How To Keep an Idiot Entertained for Hours trick.

Sorry, I know that one.

But I betcha I can tell you where you got your shoes, Mister.
Wanna bet a fiver?

Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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