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Default Possible Solutions to Eudora & Verizon, AOL, Yahoo Mail Issues

The attached PDF (“HermesEudora.PDF”) details with step-by-step instructions how to use the Hermes Mail project files–updates Eudora’s TLS version which will allow users to successfully send and retrieve mail when using Verizon, AOL and Yahoo email accounts.

When Verizon acquired AOL, all Verizon customer email accounts were shifted to AOL’s email servers so that in addition to handling aol.com email accounts and compuserve.com email accounts, verizon.net email accounts were added to the mix. Since then Verizon has also acquired Yahoo adding yahoo.com email accounts.

In/around late March/early April 2020, users began reporting difficulties sending mail and then not being able to retrieve mail when using Eudora (and also Outlook and Outlook Express). Because mail could not be retrieved or sent, users had no access to Eudora’s Connection Information Manager which provides access to the “Eudora SSL Connection Information Manager” and the “Certificate Information Manager” allowing the user to update certificates–for mail retrieval highlight the appropriate Eudora Personality, right-click, choose Properties > Incoming Mail tab > click on the “Last SSL info” button.

A dslreports.com user reported in Verizon FiOS forum posting doing a search on “Eudora TLSv1.2” and found a reference to the “Hermes” project. A bit further research led to sourceforge.net’s Hermes Mail project (see: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hermesmail/ ) updates Eudora’s TLS version to TLSv1.2 (from TLSv1.1).

Possible Fixes:
There are 2 approaches to using the Hermes Mail project to update Eudora’s TLS version:

I. Use hermssl.zip which I used successfully on my Win7/Pro desktop system–hermssl.zip contains selected files that when copied to the Eudora software installation folder may update Eudora’s TLS to version 1.2.

II. Use hermsetup.exe which I used successfully on my Win7/Pro laptop when the hermssl.zip approach did not work on the laptop–hermsetup.exe contains Eudora software with TLS version 1.2 in a single installable package that can also be used (after installing the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable) for any system(s) that do not currently have Eudora installed.

PDF Contents:

A. Installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable:
– Required to be installed before using either of the Hermes Mail options, see PDF page 1

B. I. Using hermssl.zip:
– Detailed step-by-step instructions on working with hermssl.zip see PDF pages 2-3

C. II . Using hermsetup.exe:
– Detailed step-by-step instructions on working with hermsetup.exe see PDF pages 4-5

D. Common Eudora POP Mail settings for Verizon, AOL, Yahoo accounts – see see PDF page 6


1. Login to the webmail portal for your account(s)

2. Take a look in the webmail portal's SentBox where very likely you will see a copy of every email sent from Eudora.

3. This started in September/October 2019 and has continued to the current date. AOL states that this contravention of POP3 protocol is a "feature". Every time I send an email from Eudora from my Verizon/AOL/Yahoo account(s), I immediately login to the webmail portal and delete the copied Eudora sent mail from the webmail portal's SentBox.

Let me know if you find any typos and/or errors in the attached PDF...

Attached Files
File Type: pdf HermesEudora.pdf (37.9 KB, 13 views)

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