Serger Buyer’s Checklist

  Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3
Brand/Model Number      
Number of threads (2 | 3 | 3/4 | 5)      
Number of needles (1 | 2 | 1/2)      
Needle type (industrial | sewing machine)      
Type of stitches:
a. Flatlock
b. Overlock      
c. Rolled hem      
d. Blind hem      
e. Chain stitch      
Ease of converting to different stitches      
Stitch quality on various fabrics      
Knife (movable | stationary)      
Location of stitch finger (easy to see?)      
Direction handwheel turns      
Presser foot lifter location      
Thread paths marked (color coded?)      
Ease of threading      
a. Spool adapters
b. Use of specialty threads      
Ease of tension adjustment (dial marked)      
Ease of cleaning and oiling      
Smoothness, quietness of operation      
Power switch      
Light location      
Machine stability when stitching      
Instruction manual      
Attachments (availability and cost)      
Additional features:
a. Carrying handle
b. Free arm      
c. Special table      
d. Dust cover      
e. Travel case      
f. Accessory case      
g. Differential feed      
h. Electronic threading      
Dealer information:
a. Name and address
c. Warranty      
c. Special table      
d. Lessons/classes      

Total cost