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Default My bizarre traffic stop

This may seem random, but I wanted to hear from some mindful, mature folks without spewing my personal experience on Facebook or what have you.

Tuesday at midnight, I was driving back from my parents' when I was pulled over by a cop. I knew right away it was because I hadn't installed my new license plates, so I immediately grabbed the envelop containing the new plates and pulled out my driver's license. The 20-something officer checked it over, but proceeded to ask if I'd been drinking and had me exit my car. He patted down my legs and had me sit in his passenger seat while he ran my license. It only got weirder from there.

He then began asking if I had drugs in my car, asked if I'd ever "smoked weed," then asked if I smoked weed in high school. I kept looking him in the eye and politely insisting "no," but he wasn't satisfied. One or twice, he followed up with "you can just be honest with me," which was infuriating. He asked if I smoke or vape, I said no and asked why he wanted to know, to which he became defensive and said "I'm just doing my job." It got just a little weirder from there.

He then asked if he could have a K-9 sniff my car for drugs. I now realize I could have said no, but at the time, I didn't feel a sense of leverage. He asked if I was familiar with highway drug trafficking, which I am vaguely. At the last minute, he had the approaching K-9 unit turn and leave, saying he thought I was being honest. He said to take the next highway exit and put the new sticker on my plate, which didn't make sense given I had a totally new plate to install. He finally printed out a warning and let me go.

I'm still processing the experience. I've been driving since 2004 and my only speeding ticket was about ten years ago. All I can guess is this was a young cop desperate to get a bust, and perhaps he profiled me due to my long hair and beard. But I remind myself how lucky I am to not be a racial minority in these circumstances. I'm probably going to call his police station, tell them his badge, my story, and how infuriating and degrading it was to be treated like that. Have any of you experienced anything like this? What would you do?
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