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Default Probably a stupid move but...'-}}

I've been unhappy with the custom system I had built a few years ago. Basically, it's not (and has never been) stable. I get spontaneous reboots (srb) happening periodically and I've never been able to narrow down the cause so I've just lived with it. The SRB's have been becoming more frequent and are driving me mad with their unpredictability. I also realized that my distrust of the system has blocked me from doing any of the imaging work I bought the system for because I don't trust it not to reboot itself while I'm in the middle of working on a project.

I decided over the weekend to look into getting a new system. I'm very unhappy with the local custom pc place that I used for my current system--they also built my previous system--so I decided I needed to look elsewhere. I spent the weekend browsing around Microcenter's website looking at pre-built systems figuring maybe I could have them tweak one of the pre-builts. Microcenter often has "open box" systems that they sell at a lower price but that come with the systems "original" warranty so you don't really risk much.

I found 3 possible open box systems. One was AMD-based and the 2 others were Intel. I've always used AMD-based systems primarily because they were generally less expensive but I decided this time that I'd give serious consideration to an Intel-based system. I haven't kept up with changes in hardware. I used to know all the specs and spent a lot of time researching but now, I don't really care! I trotted over to Microcenter today with my spec notes and notes on the pre-built systems and spent about a hour or so working with one of the Microcenter sales staff--probably boring him to tears...'-}}

I was really hoping to get out of there with something in the $500-$600 range but as usual, I spent twice as much. After discussing it, I didn't go with any of the pre-built systems and went with a full custom system in which we picked up all the parts from the shelves, plunked them into a shopping basket and rolled the basket to Microcenter's tech department. Build to be completed in 1-3 days.

I stopped by to see my sister to tell her that I couldn't believe I'd done this and, of course, for her to tell me that I wasn't being totally ridiculous--I sort of feel like one of those pitiable people who tell you that they can't get online or their hard drive is full or some other silly thing and that they need to buy a brand new system. When I got back home, I discovered an email from the guy at Microcenter who is doing the actual build that the case I chose doesn't allow the install of an optical drive which is something I use with enough frequency that I need to select another case.

I liked the case I chose because it designed to be both dust-proof and have decent airflow--it's a Fractal Design case. I emailed him back telling him I do indeed want an optical drive and asking him for suggestions for an alternate case that would be similar to the one I'd chosen--dust-proof with good airflow. I then went browsing around the Fractal Design website and found a few cases that I think allow for an optical drive--specs for those cases showed 5.25" bays which is what I think I need. I emailed the guy again with a list of the cases asking if any one of them would work, if Microcenter will order the case for me and telling him that I don't mind waiting for the case.

I shall keep everyone informed--I know you are all on the edge of your seats in anticipation...'-}}

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