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Default Windows 7 - Removing Win7 Non-Latin Fonts

To remove the Windows 7 Non-Latin fonts (this is also supposed to work on Windows Vista):

1. Go to the "How to Remove Windows 7 Non-Latin Fonts" and carefully read the page--that means the comments too. If you use Office, see the comment about Meriyo which is needed to install Office but not needed after the install.

2. On your C:\ drive (or whatever drive you have Windows installed), create a new folder called "2manyfonts" (no quotes)

3. Download the zipped BAT file (see Step 2 in the "Let’s start to move some fonts" section on the above ref'd webpage) _2mf-1.3.zip either to the C:\2manyfonts folder or to your master download folder and then copy it to C:\2manyfonts

4. UNzip _2mf-1.3.zip file and make sure that _2mf-en.bat is in C:\2manyfonts folder

5. Right-click _2mf-en.bat and choose the EDIT (NOT "Open"!) option which will open the BAT file in Notepad. Check to see if the following fonts are listed in the different sections ("takeown", "icacls" and "move") of the BAT file--they were inadvertently left out of the BAT file (see August 1, 2012 comment on the page ref'd above in Step 1). If they are not in the BAT file, you need to add the appropriate lines of code for each font to each section ("takeown", "icacls" and "move")--copy the last line of each section and then change the font ref for each of the fonts that follows:


Note: Here are the lines of code that need to be added to each section (“takeown”, “icals” and “move”) for each of the fonts listed above. Just copy/paste each group into the appropriate section and save:

takeown /f %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simhei.ttf
takeown /f %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpbdo.ttf
takeown /f %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpo.ttf
takeown /f %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpfxo.ttf
takeown /f %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\tradbdo.ttf
takeown /f %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\trado.ttf

icacls %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simhei.ttf /grant administrators:F /t
icacls %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpbdo.ttf /grant administrators:F /t
icacls %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpo.ttf /grant administrators:F /t
icacls %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpfxo.ttf /grant administrators:F /t
icacls %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\tradbdo.ttf /grant administrators:F /t
icacls %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\trado.ttf /grant administrators:F /t

move %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simhei.ttf %windrive%:\2manyfonts\simhei.ttf
move %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpbdo.ttf %windrive%:\2manyfonts\simpbdo.ttf
move %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpo.ttf %windrive%:\2manyfonts\simpo.ttf
move %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\simpfxo.ttf %windrive%:\2manyfonts\simpfxo.ttf
move %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\tradbdo.ttf %windrive%:\2manyfonts\tradbdo.ttf
move %windrive%:\Windows\Fonts\trado.ttf %windrive%:\2manyfonts\trado.ttf

6. If you don't have a shorcut for Command Prompt on your desktop, then click on the Start button > Programs > Accessories and you should see Command Prompt in the list. Create a desktop shortcut (right-click the item, choose “create shortcut” and then drag the shortcut to the desktop).

7. Right-click the desktop shortcut for Command Prompt and choose Properties > Compatibility tab and click on "Run this program as administrator" to checkmark it, OK out

8. Double-click on the Command Prompt desktop shortcut and you will see what is essentially a DOS window

9. In the open Command Prompt window, type: cd \2manyfonts and press the Enter key.

10. Then type: _2mf-en.bat c
NOTE: Don't forget to type the "C" (no quotes, space in front of the C and the "C" can be lower case) or the bat file won't work. Also, don't forget the underscore in the filename...

11. Press the Enter key and the BAT file will execute taking ownership of each font file listed, granting admin privileges to each font file and then moving the font file out of Windows 7 Fonts folder, copying each font to the 2manyfonts folder--so that there is a copy of the font file in 2manyfonts folder and the font file will no longer exist in the Windows 7 Fonts folder (c:\windows\fonts). It will echo each command so once the BAT file completes execution, use the scroll bar to scroll up to make sure each command executed properly--it's easy to tell. If there were any fonts that did not get moved--unlikely--then, make a note of which one(s), close the Command Prompt window (click on the X in the upper right corner), make a copy of the _2mf-en.bat file, edit it to have just the problematic font(s) and repeat Steps 8 through 11 except in Step 10 you may have a new filename and don't forget the underscore or the "C".

12. Check the 2manyfonts folder and you should see all the non-Latin fonts are now in the 2manyfonts folder--there should be approximately 155 fonts in the 2manyfonts folder. If for some bizarre reason, you later want to reinstall any of these fonts, just highlight a font, right-click, choose "install".


Note: I ran through the process above on 10/10/12 and have had no problems on my Win7/64bit system since running it.

Note: In the Control Panel > Fonts, click on "Font Settings" (left side of the screen) and click on "Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut" which is what you want to do for any of your own fonts installed via Printer's Apprentice (or whatever font manager you use). It reduces the size of the Windows Fonts folder but using this does mean that you can't change your mind about which folder(s) have your own fonts without having to manually change things in Printer's Apprentice (or whatever font manager you use) so if that's problematic, then don't use this option.

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