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don Arnoldy
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Default It shouldn't be this hard!!!


I'm stumped. I'm building an order form, where I want the total price to calculate, as the user enters quantities for the items. this should be simple.

here is the snippet of the HTML:
HTML Code:
<fieldset id="order">
    <legend>Please send me:</legend>
        <span id="earlyorder">
                <input name="EBTix" type="text" size="3" onChange="CalcTotal(this.form)">
                <label for="EBTix">Early Bird Tickets @ $20 ea.</label>
                =&nbsp;$<input name="EBSub" type="text" size="5" disabled>
        <span id="normalorder">
                <input name="GATix" type="text" size="3" onChange="CalcTotal(this.form)">
                <label for="GATix">General Admission Tickets @ $25 ea.</label>
                =&nbsp;$<input name="GASub" type="text" size="5" disabled>
                <input name="SRTix" type="text" size="3" onChange="CalcTotal(this.form)">
                <label for="SRTix">Senior (60+) Tickets @ $20 ea.</label>
                =&nbsp;$<input name="SRSub" type="text" size="5" disabled>
                <input name="CHTix" type="text" size="3" onChange="CalcTotal(this.form)">
                <label for="CHTix">Child (6&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;12 yrs) Tickets @ $20 ea.</label>
                =&nbsp;$<input name="CHSub" type="text" size="5" disabled>
            <li>Total Order =&nbsp;$<input name="TotOrd" type="text" size="5" diabled></li>
Here is the function:
    function CalcTotal(theForm){
        theForm.EBSub.value = theForm.EBTix.value * 20
        theForm.GASub.value = theForm.GATix.value * 25
        theForm.SRSub.value = theForm.SRTix.value * 20
        theForm.CHSub.value = theForm.CHTix.value * 20
        theForm.TotOrd.value = theForm.EBSub.value + theForm.GASub.value + theForm.SRSub.value + theForm.CHSub.value
The the values are being correctly calculated, and the total field is being properly updated--but none of the subtotal fields display the value! i don't get it.



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