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Smile Gone mad? No, nuts: I panicked!

Poor old Grace (desktop) is about 7 years old by now, Alan (laptop) about 6.

Alan holds most of my development stuff (source code, development web server, repository (SVN). So when it started developing odd noises again lately, I got really worried: the noises are familiar: one of the two fans (when they are triggered by high temperature) gets very loud, a sign the bearings are starting to fail. Curiously, it's the left-hand fan - again: I had a HD fail first after making really strange noises, which was replaced, and then that one starting to make the same noises, when the technician found it was caused by overheating because the left-hand fan didn't even start any more... there was a period before that the fan was making the same grinding noises the new fan is making now: he replaced both the almost-new HD and the motherboard that the fans were attached to. So when this one fan fails... bye-bye Alan, extended warranty is long since over (and you can't just replace a fan or the combo of two fans - it takes replacing the whole mother board).

So I got a bit panicky, and started looking at laptops and prices... and then yesterday I happened to get a complimentary newspaper in my mailbox (no idea why!) - which had an ad for a special action at an electronics store (a good one): a 13.3" MacBook for EUR 300 off the regular price. Only on Sunday, 23 December. I did some research (1 G memory seemed a bit cramped, for instance) but it looked like a good deal. Slept on it...

Today, the store opened at noon, and I was in there 10 minutes later - so now I've got myself a snappy MacBook 13.3" with a 2.16Ghz Core 2 Duo, 160G HD, and 2G ram (upgrade). And a nice sleeve, so I can carry it in whatever bag (I have several bags that will hold it already).


I can't really afford it - but I can't afford to lose all my work on Alan either!

I went through the setup, registered with Apple (using Airport and some neighbor's connection!!), declined setting up a .mac account (too expensive), downloaded Logitech software (using Safari) for my cordless mini optical mouse (and discovered the mouse works without that, even, but the software allows me to configure it): now I can just unplug the mouse's "thumb" from Grace, plug it into the MacBook, and use it on there. I also figured out how to change the desktop background image, and create new folders (one to store my downloaded mouse software in). Phew!

Lots more to learn and experiment, and I need to assemble a little assortment of cables (USB extension cord, for instance: I can't use the mouse thumb and USB memory stick together because the ports are too close together; and a dedicated Gigabit network cable, at least; and a little pouch to keep that stuff in). The MacBook has Tiger installed, but comes with installation disk(s) for Leopard. And I'll want to figure out how to set up Windows on it as well...

But - so far it "feels good". And this little black thingy is actually more powerful than either Grace or Alan...

(Now, where do I get the money from?)

Oh, and I'll name it Isaac - as soon as I can figure out how to name it!

Marjolein Katsma
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