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Default I have gone completely mad...'-}}

Sooo...on Weds, I stopped by the computer place that Marlene had used to have her system built to see if they would install a new CMOS battery for me (my system date/time wasn't sticking) and he didn't have one but told me the local supermarket carried them and so I bought one and was *very* brave and put it in myself.

While my system boots, there is something hinky going on with the power on sequence so I decided to swing by the place today to ask them about the BIOS setting and to see about getting a new video card.

I left there with no video card but having ordered a new system to the tune of $1200! Since I no longer have an extra monitor, I felt compelled to spend the afternoon looking at LCD panels and I've just ordered a NEC 2090UXi to the tune of $800!!!


There is no way I should be doing this but I think my current system is on its last legs...the power up problem is not in the BIOS and the guy said, it's either the video card dying, the mobo dying or the power switch on my case...

I suppose the logical sensible thing to have done would be to take my system in to them to have them check it out and fix it but I didn't do that...

They hope to have the new system ready by Thursday and I'm hoping against hope that the new monitor will be here on Thursday also--if I'd not dithered around doing research alllll afternoon and gotten my order in by 4:40pm, they might have shipped the monitor today...

I think I've gone off my rocker completely....

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