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anne: Either stitching or felt is used to pad the figures or the parts can be stitched with out without wire and attached for even more effect.
I figured that some things were padded out but did not know about using wire. Is there special embroidery wire? Must be a bitch and a half to get properly positioned.

>>but the link still works.

Yes...I should have mentioned that...it's how to got to your embroidery images. I hadn't looked closely that Cowsense but took a look now...pretty amazing! I can well imagine not wanting to do another french knot after doing all of those...'-}}

>>there were just too many.

Yeah...I can understand that. I have some projects that took 6-8 CDs (before DVDs became the norm) and it's a pita. Have you considered using a NAS? I don't really know much about them other than they function as sort of a personal server with mulitple drives and people use them for backup but also for what I'd call "side storage"--not primary but still available. I do think that external drives are very practical and the pricing has come down so much that you can almost think of them as fancy floppies...'-}}

>>With the V800 I can load 12 slides, start the scan, and come back an hour or more later.

Do you use the V800's software or something like VueScan?

>>then I had to reassemble the massive thing. Slides are SOOOOO much easier.

LOL!!! Indeed! I've never got into scrapbooking but I know others who are.

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