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Default Newspaper printing


We're looking at starting a free non country specific newspaper that we will look to distribute in a few countries such as Australia, Americas & Europe.

I'm looking at getting an idea of printing costs per 1000 for a tabloid size newspaper with only 2 pages 4 colour the rest black and white. We would be looking at roughly 50pages.

I'm not expecting quotes as we've had some and I just want to get idea of how prices vary in different parts of the world. In australia we've had prices at around $0.20 per copy when around the 100,000 units and up. That roughly US$0.15 and $0.085 british pounds.

Does anyone have experience in having newspapers printed in say India or China. Are they much cheaper? Any experiences? Any ideas of how to make it cheaper (ie size, etc) would be appreciated.

Further down the line we would look at our printing press. Any information for a novice would be appreciated, even a weblink. But basically information like pages per hour, cost of operation for differents types, etc.

Thanks for your time.

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I would also check the shipping costs. It may make the most sense to have printing supplier and mailing service in each country, instead of printing them all in one place and paying for international shipping/postage.

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> for a tabloid size newspaper with only 2 pages 4

First, you will probably be able to get 4 pages colour for the same price as two, based on the way the presses operate. They would be the front, back and two middle pages. Some presses will print eight tabloid pages per unit, and then you will get eight pages (the additional color pages will be halfway from the front to the middle, and from the middle to the back).

You can't get a 50 page paper (I know you said "about"). Your minimum multiple will be four, but ask if there is a better break on multiples of 8.

Don't even think of buying a press for a single publication. It is not worth it unless your circulation is in the 100,000s and publication is more than once a week. Even USA Today is printed at contract plants.
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If you are thinking of offering a printed product commercially, on the scale of 100,000 units, then you need to employ someone who has worked in print production. To do otherwise would be business suicide.

Printing in India and China is generally cheaper than Europe and America, and certainly than Australia. However, for web press high-volume work, the difference is less marked than in products that need more care and attention, such as book publishing. But you will need to consider how the product will get to your readership. Shipping is cheap, but takes time. Depending on your product, it may be better to print locally.

Someone will need to consider whether the job can be split among various printers, or whether you will concentrate the print run and send the copies from there.
It will depend how big your readership is, where they are based, how the copies are to be distributed, the frequency of publication, and a whole host of other factors.

A print Production Controller/Manager will be able to tell you how to maximise the cost efficiency of your print run; what is technically possible and impossible; what the options are for the physical make-up of the product; and much more. In other words, all the questions that you are asking.

There are plenty of people who do this on a freelance basis.

Buying your own press without any print experience would be a great way of losing money.
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