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Default Like squeaky chalk on a blackboard …

On another forum, one with a subject very different from publishing, I have just come across a new topic with this subject:

Can't afford anymore bills..

It's driving me crazy for the two obvious reasons: the usage of 'anymore' and the two-dot ellipsis. I've noticed on the internet in general that Americans tend to use 'anymore' all the time, whereas here we still differentiate between any more and anymore. Is this now standard enough in the US to be an accepted language change? I'm guilty of wanting to hang onto the language usage and spelling of my youth, and would be an abject failure as a researcher for a dictionary publisher. Maybe I should do some searching of the New Yorker site to see if they have accepted anymore as the only usage …

And then there's that two-dot ellipsis, with no thin space before it. I know I have to accept that the thin space is impossible in forum posts, but the two dots? They seem to have become ubiquitous in the past couple of years, but how did it happen, and can I re-educate users on a non-publishing forum that is not only busy, but has threads that sometimes get resurrected after months or even years of inactivity.

What is even worse is that I have the ability, as a moderator on that forum, to fix titles, but the moderating rules specify that we shouldn't do so unless the error is seriously misleading or renders the title totally incomprehensible, and I really don't want to offend members by correcting their spelling and usage just because it offends me personally. So I can't fix this.


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