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Default The bizarre reality that is Asus tech support...

I had hoped that my initial experience with Asus tech support was an aberration but it appears that it's the reality. My latest go-round was to ask about the power consumption of my new Asus PA248Q monitor. I thought I had asked my questions clearly:

"The specifications on the PA248Q monitor state a power consumption of 75W with a note that this does not include the use of the 4 port USB3 hub. I want to use an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) with the PA248Q.

What would be the appropriate UPS device power rating if using the MONITOR ONLY (usb port NOT in plugged in/cabled)?

What would be the appropriate UPS device power rating if using BOTH the MONITOR and the USB3 hub?"

The first response I received--4 days later--was that my question couldn't be answered because apparently the entire Asus world organization was on holiday (for...and I quote: "for the Mid-autumn festival and Chinese National Day") and I would have to wait an additional 5 days for any sort of answer--that would have been Oct. 7th and it is now Oct. 11th...

This evening I recieved the following email from Asus tech support--please re-read my initial query above and then read the following:

"For the issue" What would be the appropriate UPS device power rating if using the MONITOR ONLY (usb port NOT in plugged in/cabled)?", would you help to confirm the question below? In this case ,do you remove the power board ,only use the UPS supply power?"

It's like an alternate bizarre universe and sadly, the above is actually one of the clearer communications I've had with Asus tech support. It's not the language difference because I can deal with that, it's the totality of oddness that makes it weirder than weird. I guess the only thing to do is to take it for its entertainment value because otherwise, it's just really, really frustrating...'-}}


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