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Howard Allen
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Default ID CS "Book" won't autopaginate

I looked in the forum archives for this, but couldn't find a discussion. Sorry if it's been dealt with before.

ID CS(1) Mac, OS 10.4.10.


This is one of those "It's supposed to work, according to the user manual, so how come it doesn't?!" questions:

I'm putting together a book of some 200 pages in ID CS. I initially started with separate ID docs for each of 13 "chapters", then bound the docs together into an ID "book".

According to ID Help (and Galen Gruman's "ID CS Bible"), I should be able to cause the page numbers to automatically increment between documents in the book. I set "Numbering and Section Options..." in each document (after the first, which is a different section, numbered i, ii, iii...) to "Automatic Page Numbering". I want documents 2 through 13 to be paginated 1, 2, 3....

In the Book Panel menu, I have "Book Page Numbering Options" set to "Continue from previous document" and "Automatic Pagination". No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the automatic pagination to "take". With everything set to "automatic", I get each document page-numbered in a separate sequence (1...8, 1...11, 1...4, 1...28 etc.).

The only way I can seem to get the correct pagination is to set the numbering options to "Start page numbering at ___" for each document independently: i.e. manual pagination. But of course, as soon as you insert or delete a page in any of the documents, the pagination goes to the dogs, and you have to manually paginate the whole thing all over again. So how come it doesn't work as advertised?

Puzzling it out, it seems as if ID is treating each document in the "book" as a new "section" (and indeed each document does have a "section start" flag on the first page in the Pages pane, but that's the default behaviour when you start a new document--which makes sense--and I can't see any way of removing the "section start" flags from the beginning of each document in the "book").

Thanks in advance!
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