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Andrew B.
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Default My most recent laptop speaker

You might recall that in the previous episode I paid $100 for a speaker wand that used to sell for just under $50. I ended up blowing that speaker. Didn't take me long. I also had some other laptop external speakers along the way, that I either gave away or threw into the trash. Too many to list.

And then there were all my attempts tp get Windows to pump out more volume. I gave up on that. And it's not as if I'm asking for much. Just enough volume so I can easily make out the words when I watch the movies that tend to be low volume. How hard should that be? I'm not asking for high quality. Just something better than the built-in speakers.

But I finally found one that has enough oomph. And it doesn't cost much. Twenty dollars.


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Cool! And...they come in different colors! Glad you found it...'-}}

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