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Default Got my iPad 2. Now what?

Half in joking, but I have been plodding along with this gadget without having any aha! moments or epiphanies of any other sort. It is beautiful, easy to read (beats the Kindle in many ways for text), and there are many features, some of them useful.

Did sign up for digital editions of my main print publications (New Yorker, New York mag, New York Times, and a couple of others. Interesting to see how they vary in usefulness and pleasure. It took something like 20 minutes to download next week’s New Yorker, for example — not sure I would bother (or remember) to do that every week just to get a few days’ jump on the new issue. The New Yorker is particularly attractive, by the way. All (that I chose) were free for print subscribers; and most of the apps were fairly young — maybe a little time will rub off the rough edges.

Synching is also tedious for many apps (or learning the best method of doing it is). I have been recording my blood pressures in the iPod Touch. I would like to transfer the records to the iPad, but it turns out to be tricky; if I had used a different app, it appears it would be easy (and I think I can transfer the data to that, and then continue). But it is a lot of effort for just one tiny item.

Printing is also difficult. Some H-P printers are “air print” compatible, but not the one I have (I think of it as a new printer, but it is evidently too old for this new technology). I can send pages to myself via e-mail and read/print from there, but that is not an elegant solution. There are utility apps for printing; have to look into those (all seem to have lots of defects).

I would really like to use the iPad for calendar and contact information, synched back to my Mac. But I loathe the Apple programs and I do not see anything much better among the Apps. I got an iPad app for good old iData, so will try to do that. At least I know I can understand how it works. May be some printing issues with that.

Anyway, it arrived only Tuesday morning, just as we were setting off for the day, so I have only just begun. Sure is a pretty thing. And heavy, btw.

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