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Steve Rindsberg
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Default MS Office 15 (aka 2013) Preview, anyone?

No? Well ... tennis, then?

Yes? Thoughts? And how long did the install take? I've installed it twice, have friends who've done so also and we're seeing wildly different experiences. For some, the install works smoothly and completes quickly, for others it needs to be coddled and babied along, and for some it takes ... well ... my friend in Australia swears he watched a glacier come and go while waiting. It helped to pass the time.

It's available here in case you're interested:


I think the guy on this page may be from Oz too. Some strange antipodean marsupial seems to have landed on his head. Eating his brains, perhaps. Maybe that's how he came to install Office 2013.

IAC, should you install it, you do NOT want to let it at your existing Live account, if you have one. Create a new dummy one just for test purposes.

And like any major betaware, you really (really, really, REALLY) don't want to install this on a "production" computer, to use the MS term. In English: on any computer you don't mind reformatting later.

Hint: Virtual Machines Are Your Friend.

Steve Rindsberg
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