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Default Client rant

I am updating a web site (one which I originally designed) for a very opinionated client. He is insisting that I put my nicely-chunked linked sets of pages into single long pages with "back to top" links throughout.

I told him that (a) no-one will read to the bottom of a 20-30 screen page, (b) no respectable commercial site uses back to top links this century, and (c) by having in-page links to jump about, users have to click just as much.

But he is implacable, and has not provided a cogent reason for this brain-fart. Grrrrrrrrrr

And then, I have been adding carefully edited news snippets linked to full articles over the last 2 years and making an RSS feed. He has instructed me to ditch the archive and current page (which is stuffed with good search terms and linked to pages), throw away the RSS, and put a handful of very long articles he has lifted wholesale from other sources. Double Grrrrrr.

I may have to take my "designed by" link off in case anyone follows it!

(Gets off soap box, and says "thanks for listening".)
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