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Steve Rindsberg
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Default EPS graphics print poorly from Office 2007

It seems that Microsoft has never come to terms with the fact that Adobe invented EPS graphics, and that Adobe wrote the spec for how applications should handle them.

MS can't seem to resist "improving" (we spell that "breaking") things.

Office 2007 does this when importing EPS graphics:

- Interprets the PostScript portion to create its own preview image, in EMF/WMF format

- Tosses out the PS portion

- Uses the self-generated preview for display (a nice feature!) and for printing to non-PS printers (a nice feature!) and to PS printers/PDF drivers (a VERY BAD idea!)

EMF/WMF are "dumb" graphics formats. They're simple lists of graphics primitives.

PS is an intelligent format ... it's a programming language that can, for example, ask the printer "Hey, what resolution are you printing at?" and then generate a gradient optimized perfectly for that resolution and for the space the grad has to cover.

Intelligent PS devices can even do magic like Distiller's ... it can recognize PS "idioms" and substitute better, optimized PS for them. Ex: it can look at the PS representing from some Office apps, recognize it for the braindead crap that it is, toss it out and replace it with much higher quality stuff.

None of this can happen in the new "improved" EPS graphics when eaten by Office 2007 since the PS bits are flushed and only the dumb metafile data are sent to the printer.


MS has a hotfix that seems to beat the stupid out of Office's EPS handling:


Well worth looking into if you use EPS graphics in Office 2007.

Steve Rindsberg
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