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Default Web Design: What to Charge a Client

Some of you may remember that I work freelance for a local chamber of commerce. Well now I'm redesigning their website to graphically correspond with the visitors guide I made them. But when the chamber director gave me the O.K. to approach this task, he asked me for a rough price on my web work. I hesitated, not having previously worked for pay in web design and not knowing the budget of the chamber. I ultimately said "around $200," and he seemed fine with that. I've since been told that that was far too low by both a young freelance web designer (who claims to charge $50 per web page) and by the owner of a graphic design/marketing company (who charges $150 per page). I'm strongly considering renegotiating the payment.

The web design will mainly consist of revamping the site's look, incorporating many new photos, and merging a few pages that I found redundant (the director didn't even feel the need to discuss what to do and not to do, and just trusted all my advice). However, I plan to ask if he wishes to include new pages on sections like Agriculture and City History which were in the visitors guide, as well as a chamber member blog or forum. We've never talked about these inclusions, and my thinking is that if he agrees to add them, I may be able to renegotiate the payment to around $350-$400. I also told him it probably wouldn't take much more than one week to finish, but this would not likely be the case if we added new sections. The site currently has 16 pages, which I'll merge to about 14 (not including the new sections).

We frequently email, but I also speak to the director over the phone sometimes and would do so for the renegotiation. Any advice on what to do and not to do, as well as how to go about the renegotiation would be much appreciated - for instance, whether or not I should mention what the average web designer truly charges in contrast to my initial price.

Here's the site:
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