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Default Kievit regular vis-a-vis medium vis-a-vis book

I confess that if I ever knew the differences between regular, medium and book weights of typefaces, I certainly don't remember now.

I am looking at Fontfont's Kievit, which is one of those gosh-durned typefaces you can't buy individually, you gotta buy in sets. Set 1 includes regular and medium (although it's hard to tell from the display, I'd probably use regular for text since it's lighter than the medium weight), but does not include a bold (only extra bold), so that ain't gonna work.

Set 2 includes bold (and black), but the lightest weight included is book (in Set 1).

My client has implied willingness to buy one set. If I buy Set 2, will the book weight work for text in magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc.?

It's hard to make a decision based on what I see onscreen, especially since I can only look at one font at a time. And I need to get fonts immediately (like tomorrow), so there's no time to request a printed catalog.

Also, the way I read it, Fontfont allows embedding fonts in a PDF.



Oh, and if anyone happens to have Kievit medium, regular, and/or book, and is willing to set some sample text in a PDF, I'd be forever grateful.

And fWIW, the client likes the font because of its resemblance to Whitney, which we can't afford.

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