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Default Virtual PC questions

I'm considering installing Microsoft's Virtual PC and their WinXP on my Win7Pro/64bit system which (theorectically) should allow me to install 2 older programs. I know there is other virtual software out there but I figured why not use the WinXP I get for free because I'm using Win7Pro and if I'm going to do that, then using Microsoft's Virtual PC seems reasonable too--yes...weird to use "Microsoft" and "reasonable" in the same sentence...'-}}

I've done a little bit of reading on the installation processes and it seems pretty straightforward but, I have a few questions:

1. I know that storage space is allocated for the vpc and winxp. I'm thinking that say...25GB might be enough space--at this point the 2 older programs won't take up much but I'm also considering installing WordPerfect8 in the virtual environment along with the 32bit drivers for my HP2200D because then I could print to my custom-sized paper using the 32bit drivers and not have to deal with the 64bit driver hassle with custom-sized paper. Is 25GB enough, overkill, suggestions as to what to allocate?

2. The next question is where should I put it? I have a partition for my imaging files which is very large (800GB) and I also have my software partition (100GB). If 25GB is enough space, then I could put it on my software partition but are there any sorts of conflict problems with the fact that, for example, WordPerfect8 is also installed in that partition to be used on the Win7/64bit side? I suspect not but, figured I'd better ask.

3. Is the entire virtual installation contained within the allocated space? How will drives show up? I can't quite get my head around how this part works.

4. What questions should I be asking that I don't know to ask because I've never done this?


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