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Steve Rindsberg
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Default Peg: there's life in the old horse e'en yet

I happily used Pegasus as my email client for years after switching from Eudora, until business requirements forced me to Outlook. Which I get along with nicely after a few hissing matches early on.

It's pretty easy to move my email between computers at need and I generally only need to move it between my main desktop and my laptop when I'll be out of office for a while.

I use quite a few computers and VMs, partially because I need to test software on various platforms and partially because Win10 just doesn't feel as steady underfoot as Win7, but I've got to use it for some things.

All of which is fine until I need to send a quick email while working on one of these "other" computers. There's just no way I'm going to haul my Outlook files amongst them.

So ... send a quick email. Hey, at least on the Win10 boxes, why not use the supplied email program, I thought. For about as long as it took to fire it up, watch it fail abysmally to let itself be configured. If Satya wants to wipe the spit off that thing, he can come here and do it.

Spent a bit of time googling alternate email clients, then thought "Why not Pegasus again?" It's lightweight, doesn't spew its files all over the place (in fact, the default install puts everything into C:\PMAIL, which is just peachy IMO. And by default, looks for its files relative to whatever folder the program's EXE starts from, making it possible for me to ...

Set it up on one PC, copy the \PMAIL folder to another PC and have it work (with any sent/received emails in place, not that I'd generally need that).

The only other little trick is to re-run the installer on each PC so you get startup icons on the desktop, etc and have the opportunity to tell it whether or not you want it to respond to mailto: links by default.

WAY WAY more capabilities than I really need in this case, but hey, I can ignore 'em.

Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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