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cirquelle: I think I know what those Elfa draw thingies are. I was looking at an Elfa desk (54"x24") at the Container Store that you could support with them or with legs. I liked the legs better but all four of the display models were very wobbly.
My problem with the Container Store solutions is that none of their desktops were deep enough--I wanted 30-36"--but at the time, I thought the elfa drawers would work well and they have but it's a pain to try and move this setup since the desktop is just sitting on top of the elfa drawers...

The other problem I have is that I'm short--5'1"--and I find regular desks too high for typing on my keyboard (and I've never cared for those keyboard drawers) so that's why when I disovered the adjustable height tables, I thought they would work better for me.

As I mentioned, my current desktop is 84" (7') and so when I was looking at these tables, I wanted to be at or under 84" long and the 48"x30" + either the 48"x24" (making the desk area 72" (48 + 24) long) or the 36"x20" (making the desk area 68" (48 + 20) long) would work. It's just a question of how long I want the short edge of the "L" to be and I haven't quite decided yet.

I'm also planning on getting a small rolling filing cabinet--maybe one where the top drawer is not for files--that will fit under one of the tables.

I think this set up will work better than a regular desk and it's more open so I think the space will look less crowded--my den is about 10'x13' and has a rather nice window and I've set the desk to face that...

To give you an idea of what's currently on my desk--from left to right: Epson flatbed scanner; Minolta slide scanner (it's about 6" wide); my 19" CRT which sits at an angle with my keyboard in front of it; a theoretically open space ('-}}) but it has my cable modem, my cup warmer a cup with pencils and pens and stuff and in front of all that is my mouse pad; my HP6PM laser printer which I can reach without having to get out of my chair and in front of the printer is my drawing tablet with a bunch of stuff on top of it that I shift when I want to use my tablet (I use it in my lap)...

The Dania stuff is quite nice but more money that I want to spend--the tables I want will be about $200 or so for both...

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