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Default Arrrggghhhh!!!!

So, I pickup my mail yesterday afternoon and there are 4 envelopes from the Medicare Part D company. One has my new Medicare Part D ID card and the other 2 letters are basically a confirmation that I signed up for Part D with this particular company...

The 4th letter however was such a pain in the ass!!!!

I spend the next 5 hours!!! rooting around in filing boxes, going through pocket folders starting with the 2006 folder (I use a pocket forlder each year to hold mail that I think it's important to keep like letters from the county, US gov't letters, DMV, etc.) moving forward in time to 2019 looking for any documentation I might have saved that showed that I've signed up and paid for Medicare Part D since 2006 because the 4th letter stated that I was going to have to pay a penalty because I'd not signed up and paid for Medicare Part D!

It was exhausting and so damned irritating!!!

The other thing is that it shows just how anal I am because I actually saved the Part D ID card from 2006 along with the coupon payment booklet--which has handwritten notes on how and when I paid. I was able to find all the different Part D providers I've paid along with my provider member IDs for every year from 2006 to 2019. Who the hell thinks that they will ever need that info in the future so that they've tossed it all out?

Of course there was a form to fill out so I scanned the form's pages into Photoshop and then filled in the info with additional addendums like "see attached pages!" and "please see attached with full details", etc. and created PDFs. I typed up my proof showing each year with the provider name and my member ID--another PDF. It all went out in today's mail and I have my fingers crossed that will resolve this crap and I will never be bothered by this again.

On a positive note, I now know to continue saving this crap and, the crap is now all in one pile (a brand new, never been used before, pocket folder)...


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