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Default Cool living...

marjolein: It's just come back up.
Yeah...I'm not seeing the delay anymore...

>>*and* they mailed me, but support has not heard back from the sysadmins what the actual problem was...

Nice that they emailed you...

We had a horrendously huge thunderstorm last night with high winds, lightning and rain and I lost the air conditioning in my place--it's VERY hot here...100 degrees (F). I tried to call the company that I have a service contract with but kept getting a busy signal. I wasn't sure if it was my phone so I went to my sister's place (building next door) and she also got a busy signal so we figured the lines were down.

We decided that she'd try and call them in the morning--my hearing loss makes emergency calls difficult because they go through an answering service and they call you back. My sister lent me a big fan and I set it up in my place and was reading the paper when I thought it seemed cooler but I wasn't sure if it was the fan. Turned the fan off, waited another 15-20 minutes and it still seemed cooler so I checked the thermostat and the temp was dropping so my a/c was working--weird but I was happy...'-}}

Sent my sister an email figuring she'd see it on her phone before she called the a/c company in the morning and went to bed--it was now about 3:00am. Woke up about 6:00 am and the a/c still seemed to be working but I decided to check the thermostat just to be sure which woke me up enough to decide to take shower and make coffee.

Waited until about 7:15am and tried to call my sister's cell phone to leave a message not to call the a/c company and my special phone in the living room couldn't connect to the captioning center. Tried to use my regular (old) phone in my den via the web captioning center and got the dreaded "looking for sprint.com"--no broadband!

Waited 15-20 minutes to see if it would come back (sometimes, not often, it drops for a few minutes and the comes back) but it was no go. Popped back over to my sister's to check her broadband access (we have the same provider) and her's was a no go too so I knew it wasn't just me. Ended up that in addition to broadband, we lost landline service and...cell service went too. Interestingly enough though was those with fiber optic tv (I get my cable tv via different provider) had tv service.

We finally got back cell, landline and broadband about an hour ago--I told one of my neighbors that if I had to choose which device outage, I'd rather lose broadband than air conditioning...'-}}

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