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Steve Rindsberg
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Default Why do they DO these things?

Windows, Mac OS, *nix ... they're all operating systems. Foundations that useful software can be built atop. In and of themselves, they're not all that useful ... sort of like the furniture in the room you live in. They make living easier.

Except when somebody sneaks into your house in the middle of the night and moves some of the furniture around. You bang your shins on it when you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Or they hide it outright and you can no longer find your favorite chair at the breakfast table one morning.

Win10 feels that way to me. Stuff gets moved around, and why? Because some twit at MS had to make his (or her, but my money's on "his", testosterone being what it is) mark before moving on, so just couldn't resist lifting his leg and ... well. You know.

Today's case in point: Herself teaches a summer photography course. She has her students complete assignments, then bring in contact sheets for class discussion; printouts with thumbnails and under each, the filename of their images. She's done this for years, and has always taught the kids to use the picture and fax viewer that comes with Windows to print the contact sheets.

Now some of the kids have Windows 10, the picture and fax viewer application is no longer part of the deal and the other picture related apps don't print contact sheets. We laboriously worked out a way of doing it with (free) Irfanview, but getting the settings just right was a pain.

Finally Google showed me the light. You can still print contacts in Windows 10, you just can't do it using any of the picture editing programs like you used to. No. Instead, you select the photos you want to print in Win Explorer, right click, choose Print and voila, the same interface as you're used to in P&F viewer from earlier Win versions.

OK, not all furniture rearrangements are bad ... having the ability to print photos right there under the mouse button is quite convenient. OTOH, it's less than obvious, and why could they not have made it accessible from the picture viewing app where it's always been?

Arrrghhhhhh ....

Steve Rindsberg
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