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Robin Springall
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Default Please tell me this isn't true!

I haven't got InDesign CS yet so I can't verify what my client is telling me, but surely this can't be right. He has to produce both a composite and a separated PDF (either printing via Distiller or exporting as PDF), and he chooses to Distill.

The compo comes out fine: it has crop marks and we use it as a proof both for the screen printers and for Mick our film-maker. We need the sep file to be marked up in a suitable way for him to run out films from Acrobat 6 (crop marks, registration targets, film colour and screen angle, all industry-standard) but InDesign doesn't put the colour name on the output page. Excuse me, but without the colour name, how's the printer meant to know which film is cyan, and which is magenta, for gawd's sake? Every other page layout or design program manages OK - Quack does it, Frustrator does it, so do CorelDawble and ThreeHand. Even bloody PageWrecker can manage it! But UnDecided? Nope. Apparently with the Adobe flagship application, the Quark-killer of 2005 no less, you have to write on the damn films with a felt pen! Tell me this isn't true.

What? Oh, yes please. G & T, plenty of ice. <slurp.> Ah, that's much better, thanyouverymush. Cheers!
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