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Andrew B.
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Default Verizon nickle and dime me to death

Verizon has a fee app for backing up my contacts to their server. So then they add a free cloud. And they move all the backed up contacts there, along with whatever else you put on the cloud. Next, they stop offering the free cloud because they say it is getting too costly for them. Well, if it's getting too costly for them, why not offer less room. How about just enough room to store our contacts, considering they are no longer paying for the not-cloud storage area. So I asked, and the answer was they are not doing that. This means my free backup program has no place to do backups except to my no-longer-free cloud.

Of course we all know none of this was free. All customers were paying the cost via their monthly fees. And we all know that computer related equipment tends to go down in price, which means the price of storing phone backups would be lower now. And we also know that if there are more customers now using the cloud, well then, there are also more customers paying monthly costs.

So what can I do. I'm sunk, because I can't find a way to back up to my computer, because for some strange reason my Windows 7 ignores my phone when I plug it into the USB port. Although two days ago it would recognize if for about 20 seconds and then it would disappear.

What's interesting in all this is I have other fees in my life going up and I just see it as the way it is. And what I pay for Verizon has certainly gone up. So I think it's the nickle and time way they stick me. Like surcharges.

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