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Default Trader Joe's and the weird turkey

I went to Trader Joe's a week or so ago primarily to pick up some of the pizza they sell that I like and decided to talk to the store manager about my experience with the TJ's half turkey. I approached the manager from a marketing standpoint telling him that I thought the fully cooked half turkeys was a great idea and that I was very excited when I saw it in the TJ's flyer. I then told him that the implemenation was disappointing and that the turkey had been barely edible. I asked him if he would pass on my coments to the appropriate TJ's department.

His repsonse was as disappointing as the turkey had been in that he just said "ok" rather than saying something like..."I'm sorry you didn't care for it" or "I'll make sure to let them know"--basically, some indication that he gave a damn...'-}}

A day or two ago I got around to going to the TJ's website so I could let them know about my experience with the half turkey--and maybe the store manager I had spoken to. In the Contact Us section, one of the options was to provide feedback about one's local TJ's and I decided to use that option telling them I'd been doubly disappointed outlining my experience with the half turkey and then what had happened when I talked with the manager of the Reston, VA store.

I didn't expect much of an answer--although a friend of mine told me that her experience with TJ's customer service had always been very good--so I was a bit surprised to receive an email from the manager at the Reston TJ's apologizing not only for the turkey but also for the poor response from whomever it was I talked to at the Reston store that day.

Apparently, the fully cooked half turkeys are a new product for TJ's so in my reply, I reiterated that I thought it was a great idea and I went into some detail about my experience with the turkey (the odd herbs, the lack of flavor and my overall disappointment with it) and I also mentioned KT's (not by name) experience noting that she was in CT. I then suggested that perhaps it would work better--and taste better--if they just used basic/essential herbs (perhaps just salt and pepper) allowing the home cook to add whatever other seasonings s/he might prefer.

He asked me for my mailing address and he is going to send me a gift card which I think is a nice gesture--more pizza for free!!! '-}}

Sooo...KT...if you have the time and inclination, it might be worth touching base with TJ's via their main website to let them know what you thought of the turkey...

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