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Default Kindle 2 review

A review of Amazon Kindle 2 by Robert Mohns has been posted on Macintouch. It seems very complete and useful, including a few points of comparison with the Sony reader. He also comments on the optional ($30) cover — we both like it. (I had seen other reviewers describe it as chintzy or cheap. It seems classy to me, and useful, if not absolutely essential.)

I disagree with at least one of his points: the lousy pseudo-justification of text. The attempt is clumsy and extremely distracting. Mohns considers it a virtue that when stumped the Kindle just leaves a big space at the end of the occasional line. That little trick gives me a moment of pain. The obvious and only way to present text when the system has no capacity to hyphenate is to set it flush left. (He mentions a hack for Kindle 1 that lets that happen; wonder if it works on this model, what it is, and how to get it.) In the meantime, I have set font size to the minimum (like 9 point) and get fewer dud lines.

All in all a good review, and a helpful resource before buying any of the available ebooks.

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