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Default New MacBook Pro graphic card advice

My bro is looking to purchase a new Apple MacBook Pro laptop. He would like to use this mostly for Photoshop work. He is interested in upgraded graphic card. Wondering does the upgraded graphic card worth it or does they have same performance? Well, my bro is not professional, he just getting into it as a hobby.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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So far as I know, the only way to get an upgraded graphics card — the 9600M add-on — for MacBook Pro is to buy a model that includes it: the 2.66 or 2.8 GHz 15-inch models or the 17-inch.

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Howard Allen
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What Kathleen says. If you want a faster/better graphics card in a MBPro you have to get it direct from Apple using their build-to-order purchase scheme. I'm pretty sure there are no third-party options. I don't know how much advantage you'd get from the better card. I use Photoshop on my older model MBPro (standard-issue card) and have no issues; mind you, I'm not working with gigabyte-sized files, either. Your bro might get as good or better performance by maxing the RAM and getting a faster hard drive installed.


OSX 10.10.5
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Originally Posted by dealrocker View Post
He would like to use this mostly for Photoshop work. my bro is not professional, he just getting into it as a hobby.
To be honest, any Mac should be fine for standard Photoshop work, e.g. resizing, colour correction, applying filters, layers, etc. I use PS on my white MacBook 2Ghz with no problems.

Having said that, I believe that you should get as much Mac as you can afford. Macs generally have a long shelf life, so you could be using it 5 years down the line (possibly after a battery replacement!). So you should always get the one with the most oomph.

OS X increasingly passes more and more processing to the GPU, so the better your graphics card, the faster your Mac will be.

Maxing out the RAM will help for performance too. Don't buy extra RAM from Apple: they charge a lot for it. (This is mostly so that if you take your Mac to Apple for repair, they can guarantee that it's not the RAM that's the problem.)
However, a good memory seller like Crucial or Kingston will sell you the same RAM for much cheaper. RAM is easy to install.
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