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steve: You might have to tell your email client to log in to their service and sometimes you need to retrieve mail before trying to send it.
Hmmmm...interesting...not quite sure how I'd do that but will look into it...

I've had an interesting couple of days in making changes to my domain's mail handling. When I tested sending my cserve mail using my domain's smtp, I was horrified to see pretty much my full name in the headers that ref'd my domain. I spent some time rooting around the cpanel settings for my domain to see if I could figure things out and change things.

I touched base with HostingUK support (they are so helpful and they never laugh in my face when I ask questions...'-}}) about changing my default mail address and with their reply, I realized that I had asked the wrong question because what I wanted to change was my system account name so I asked if that was doable and it turns out (with what I hope is minor glitch) that it was a change that could be made.

They made the change (late Thursday) and yesterday (Friday) I started tidying and reorg'ing things via the cpanel. I then started sending test emails and that's when I discovered an issue--the minor glitch ref'd above.

Basically, if I send an email to what is now my default email address (this email account had existed before any of these recent changes and I tested this both from Eudora and Thunderbird) I get a bounce message about an (unsuccessful) attempted delivery to:

----- myoldaccountid@gamma.xssl.net

I had deleted the myoldaccountid email address so I'm sure that's why I'm getting the bounce but what it indicates to me (since I can't find anything in the cpanel options that allows me to fiddle with gamma) that there's at least one thing left to be done on the HostingUK side for this change of system account name to be complete--I think it's an accurate assessment to believe that it's something on their side.

I've got an email in about this and I'm waiting to hear back...


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