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Default Old Books

I have been influenced in my understanding of language by a number of books from the 19th century. Three of them have but one or two copies in American libraries, and believe it or not, they mailed them to me, and I photocopied them, which are in plastic bags in the shed.

One never knows what can happen until one pokes around a bit. A couple weeks ago I sent an e-mail to a highly reputable Greek scholar, that said nothing more than thank you for his last book. I thought it was dumb, but it was what I felt. So he sent me copies of all the chapters of his next book to be released. Life is interesting.

Anyhow, about 10 years ago, a certain book in the reserved section of a library I don't like to visit influenced me somewhat on an issue of historical drama, and I always thought I wanted to look at it more. It was copyrighted in 1895. So a few weeks ago, I find a 1916 printing of it for $1. I started having a lot of fun with it, but on getting some coffee, I see as it sets in the bookholder, that the outside edges of the paper are disgusting. They're dirty. Now what do I do? Where do I even put the book?

I wonder, just how long would it take to scan those books in the shed into the computer. That might be a better way to look at them. They're maybe 300-400 pages. But this other book is like 1,600 pages. All of it sounds like too big of a job.

But if I did scan them into a computer, then what I should do is put them on the web for everyone's benefit. If I wanted to make some money, I could probably charge something, but that wouldn't be nice.

Then again, maybe somebody has already done this type thing for rare books, or maybe there is an easy way to do the scanning. My scanner works something like a photocopier that creates a file in a directory. It's a process.

I have to think about this now because it's Monday.

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