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Default Meshugenah Joomla!

Okay, so I wanted to check out Joomla! — not by reading bushel baskets of descriptive prose, not by buying the $40 Building Websites with Joomla! book (though I might get to that if I like what I see), but by playing with the demo advertised on the web site.

But no dice! If I click on the Demo button I am taken to a screen that says “You are not authorized to view this resource. You need to login.”

Well, okay — I have registered on sites all across the web and am quite willing to do one more. But how? That is the question. Maybe it is like Poe’s Purloined Letter — hiding in plain sight? I sure can’t see it. (Oddly enough, if I want to download the files, I can do that without logging in or registering. But I have enough unused stuff on my system — I want the demo!!)

So I typed ‘registration’ into the search box, thinking it might lead me to something. It asks me how many results to show and in which order, but the only option after that is [Back] — which takes me right back to the main page and the empty search box. Oy.

But okay, there is always more than one way to skin a cat (awful expression, that!). I clicked on Forum — and sure enough, right at the top, is a place to login or REGISTER! So I registered, and now await my confirming e-mail. Then I will see if that registration also entitles me to play with the Joomla! demo.

But I must say this is very disorganized. Is this the sort of logical structure Joomla! will bring to my web pages? Hmmm. Well, on to the demo.

Nope — still no way to log in for the demo. Maybe it is offline? Why don’t they say so? Guess I’ll ask in the forums. Tsk.


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