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Default Fired a "client"

I've hesitated talking about this online, but I know some of the INETPUB regulars have often wondered about the extent of my volunteering my professional skills. Just wanted to post that I am NOT a pushover. One candidate found himself without a webmaster 3 weeks before the general election. He pushed me too far and I felt like he was taking advantage. Wasn't pretty, but my timing should be a clear signal of how I felt.

In the last 7 years, I figure I've donated somewhere between $250,000 to $500,000 of my professional time to a couple nonprofits and about a half dozen political candidates. I think that shows my 1) dedication to the cause and 2) my level of professionalism. All I ask is that layout is mostly my decision and the ONLY benefit I get is listing the sites on my resume. If the client insists on crap, I can't list on my resume... and can't do it for free.

The candidate is running for re-election unopposed so I didn't do him any harm, though his campaign manager also attacked my integrity. Haven't gotten any feedback so doubt they're smearing me, but I have no regrets. This almost happened a few months ago so it was really no surprise.

The great news is, the election is in 3 days!!! And it's unlikely there will be any candidates asking for my help next year. There will only be 2 local races and the incumbents haven't asked for my help in the past. I think I'm going to take a year off from politics and donate some time to my partners job. He has a new event planning job and after finishing a very successful AIDS Walk here in DC, he's now planning Capital Pride 2006. That link is NOT my work, obviously. When I get started on it, the first step is getting rid of all Flash. Dave hates the site as much as I do, so we're basically going to gut it and start over.

Non profits are a more satisfying volunteer activity for me, but I'll probably do campaigns again after a year off. Just never, ever, ever 5 at the same time. This year was totally crazy.

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