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Anne Wright
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Default Bacl again, for now

I just got finished reading the thread I started years ago when I stopped in here - it ended in 2015!

The years since have not been great. My MIL got horribly ill in 2016, went into the hospital, to a nursing home, back home, then her final stint in hospital at the end of the year and died in mid-January 2017.

Meanwhile I had a heart murmur and began the rounds of cardiologists. Eventually they decided that I had stenosis of the aortic valve and needed a replacement. In an effort to avoid my chest being cracked open I signed up for a trial of transarterial valve replacement (TAVR) which replaces the valve sort of like doing a stent. During the final test to get me into the trial, the found a mass on my kidney. That kicked me into a category already approved for TAVR so in October 2017 I got a new valve and November lost a kidney.

My Mom passed away in October 2018 at 97. She had the same aortic valve problem I did but never got it fixed so we think that is what took her peacefully in her sleep.

By 2019 my back had given out completely so they did a spinal fusion (L5-S1) which stabilized it but the nerve damage over the years has left me with problems. As soon as the back healed, Ralph and I left the country!

July 2019 we took the Queen Elizabeth out of Fort Lauderdale with stops in New York, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Iceland. Got off early (skipped Dublin and Southampton) in Glasgow, drove around Northern Scotland, went to the Orkneys, down the east coast to Dover, back to Bury St. Edmund where I took a needlework class and tour that ended in London. We stayed in London for a week, drove into Wales, then down into the Cornish Peninsula to Land's End, back to Stonehenge, and the Isle of Wight. We took a Royal Caribbean ship out of Southampton which stopped at four Caribbean islands, and got home about four months after we left.

This was our Trip of a Lifetime - and I am so glad we did it because who know when a trip like that will be possible again. Since we got back we added on to the house since as we emptied both parents' houses we had to have places to put stuff, mostly genealogy and some furniture. We inherited the genealogy of both sides - and both sides were heavily into family history.

Other than that life have been pretty boring - NOT. I've been using jAlbum to create photo pages of family history. I have my grandfather's photos from 1911 to 1951 on my website and my Dad's family pictures up to 1990.

Our trip to the UK is documented up to London on my blog - but I am a terrible narrator and stalled out - between no internet in Northern Scotland and bricking my travel laptop in Bury St. Edmund, I was way behind anyway and just haven't had the energy to finish. I plan to put the trip into the photo pages which are so much easier and faster to deal with.

My website is http://woodswell.com/ Links for the blog and the photos are at the top. My grandfather was David Morgan Wright and my father was Orrin Hughitt Wright - oh, and my mother's pictures from her time as a Navy Nurse are under Freddie Tucker, Navy Nurse.

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