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Default freeware for e-publishing

Dear Forum members

I am new on this forum. I note that there are so many posts to read that I prefer to draft a new post. I will be grateful if someone can recommend me a simple yet good software (preferably freeware) for e-publishing and explain me the path to follow for the publication of a small book.

With kind regards

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don Arnoldy
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Let's start with a few questions—

1. Do you want copies printed on paper, not electronic publishing? If so, how many copies do you envision having printed?

2. Have you thought about how you intend to sell this book? Have you talked to any bookstores about their interest?

3. Do you want to include pictures in the book, or will it be all words? About how many words? If you will have pictures, do you want them in color or just black and white?

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Mac Townsend
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In general, I'd start by asking the publisher what they require. Perhaps my understanding is outdated (I've been retired for a decade) but publishers USED to pretty much insist on a specific application being used.

It could well be different in these days of almost universal PDF use (I can recall some of the early seminars talking about this and what would be...<G>).

In which case you might want to answer the questions, "what program am I comfortable using to produce this work?" Be it Word, Google Docs, or InDesign or even MS Publisher They can all produce a decent PDF file. Well, almost all<G>.

It is not simple to create, i.e. write, while you are simultaneously trying to figure out how to do this or that.
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Steve Rindsberg
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>> It is not simple to create, i.e. write, while you are simultaneously trying to figure out how to do this or that.

True that.

And if you're working with a publisher that works to a specific formula for a book series (Que's computer books, for example) it makes good sense and saves much frustration to start with an outline; the various outline levels can then be assigned the publisher's heading styles as you pour text into them.

Steve Rindsberg
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