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Default Help! PHP/MySQL problem

I'm trying to set up Almond Classifieds, a PHP script that allows people to place classified (eBay style) ads on specially set up web pages. The MySQL database was set up successfully, and today I was working my way through the Readme file setting up the table fields in the config.php file. Because I basically don't know what I'm doing, I've been very careful with this, copying and pasting from the examples in the Readme file and only changing alpha/numeric characters, not any of the punctuation etc.

There are no instructions in the Readme file for creating the MySQL database table, so I opened the index.php in my browser, created an ad, and then submitted it. I got an error saying that the table hadn't been created, and it offered to create it for me. I accepted this offer, but keep getting an error telling me to fix errors in variable $ads_fields but I can't for the life of me see where any errors might be. Here is the variable as I have it in my config.php file:

#  Set up description of ad fields used in all categories:
$ads_fields= array(
'sale' => array('Sale/Wanted','12','keyword','1:30','select','1','text','<option>SaleWanted'),
'location' => array('Location','12','keyword','30:60','text','1','text'),
'state' => array('State','12','keyword','20:30','text','1','text'),
'breed' => array('Breed','2','keyword','40:50','text','0','text'),
'hname' => array('Name','2','keyword','40:50','text','0','text'),
'sire' => array('Sire','2','keyword','40:50','text','0','text'),
'dam' => array('Dam','2','keyword','40:50','text','0','text'),
'yob' => array('Year of Birth','2','minmax','10:30','text', '0', 'integer'),	
'sex' => array('Gender','12','keyword','1:30','select','1','text','<option>GeldingMareStallion'),
'heihgt' =>  array('Height, hh','2','minmax','10:30','text','0','integer'),	
'colour' => array('Colour','2','keyword','40:50','text','1','text'),
'comp' => array('Competing at','2','nosearch','30:50','text','0','text'),
'work' => array('Working at','2','nosearch','30:50','text','0','text'),
'price' =>  array('Price','12','minmax','10:30','text','1','integer'),
'brief' => array('Brief Description','2','nosearch','40:2:200','textarea','1','text'),
'desc' => array('Description','2','nosearch','50:6:2000','textarea','0','text'),
'contact_name' => array('Contact Name','2','nosearch','40:50', 'text', '1','text'),
'contact_phone' => array('Contact Phone','2','nosearch','20:50', 'text', '0','text'),
'email' => array('Contact e-mail','00','nosearch','20:50', 'text', '1','text'),
'homeurl' => array('Home Page URL', '00','nosearch','40:50', 'text','0','text'),
'passw' => array('Password','00','nosearch','20:50', 'text','1','text'),
'avail' => array('Available/Wanted','12','keyword','1:30','select','1','text','<option>AvailableWanted'),
'psize' =>  array('Size, ha','2','minmax','10:30','text','0','integer')	
Here is the relevant section of their config.php file, which they say to use as default settings:

#  Set up description of ad fields used in all categories:
$ads_fields= array(
'title' => array('Title','1','nosearch','40:50','text','1','text'),
'brief' => array('Brief Description','2','nosearch','40:2:200','textarea','1','text'),
'contact_name' => array('Contact Name','2','nosearch','40:50', 'text', '1','text'),
'contact_phone' => array('Contact Phone','00','nosearch','20:50', 'text', '0','text'),
'email' => array('Contact e-mail','00','nosearch','20:50', 'text', '1','text'),
'homeurl' => array('Home Page URL', '00','nosearch','40:50', 'text','0','text'),
'passw' => array('Edit/delete password','00','nosearch','20:50', 'text','1','text'),
'name' => array('Name','1','nosearch','40:50','text','1','text'),
'city' => array('City','12','keyword','40:50','text','1','text'),
'goal' => array('Goal','12','keyword','1:30','select', '1', 'text',
		'<option>MarriageSexVirtual Romance'),	
'check1' => array('checkbox field','12','keyword','1:30','checkbox','1','text', 
		'<option>checkoption 1checkoption 2checkoption 3' ),
'type' => array('Type','12','keyword','1:30','select', '1','text',
'<option>NeededOffered' ),	
'price' =>  array('Price','12','minmax','10:30','text','0','integer'),
'salary' => array('Salary','12','minmax','10:30','text','0','real'),
'company' => array('Company',"12",'keyword','20:30','text', '0','text'),
'smoker' => array('Smoker','2','nosearch','1:30','select', '1', 'text',
'<option>YesNo' ),
'age' =>  array('Age','12','minmax','10:30','text','1','integer'),
'weihgt' =>  array('Weight,kg','2','minmax','10:30','text','0','integer'),
'height' =>  array('Height,cm','2','minmax','10:30','text','0','integer'),	
'moredetails' => array('More Details','2','nosearch','40:6:2000','textarea','0','text')
I'll attach their readme.txt file to this post. Hope someone can see an obvious problem here.
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