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Default We are NOT family -- font weirdness in InDesign

I'm learning (or trying to) to use InDesign 4.

I've got a font problem that might be of my own doing, but I suspect it's an InDesign thang, and I can't figure out how to fix it.

My client complained about the kerning in Gill Sans (and to think I always said clients never notice things like that), so I adjusted it in TypeTool and resaved the family of four (I'm on PC) with new font names (I added MX to each filename to distinguish these versions of Gill Sans from off-the-shelf versions). I was VERY careful about naming the fonts, and was consistent (I double-checked) and had no spaces in any of the names.

But for some reason, Gill Sans shows up in ID as:

Gill Sans MX (the regular weight only)
Gill SansMX (italic, bold, and bold italic)

I cannot figure out where ID is seeing these two different font family names, especially since I didn't use spaces when renaming the fonts in TypeTool.

The renamed Gill shows up correctly in Quark and Word, and works correctly when the attributes are selected, which is why I think the problem is something to do with how ID handles fonts.

Anyone got any clues?

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