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Default Removing fonts in Windows 7

Does anyone know how to get rid of protected fonts in Windows 7?

I have installed Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium on a quadraple boot system that also has XP, VectorLinux 6 Standard, and VectorLinux 6 Light. Win 7 installs over 200 fonts, many of which are non-Western fonts. Those can be and are hidden, which is supposed to prevent them from showing up in an application's font menu, but many applications do not understand the "hiding" and they show up in the font menu anyway.

I HATE having to go through all of those fonts in many of my applications (they don't hide them) and I don't like having a large amount of disk space taken up by fonts I'll never use. Unfortunately, the fonts seem impossible to get rid of. You can copy them to another directory but not delete them.

I remember having a similar problem in Windows Vista, but after a heroic effort that involved taking ownership and then changing permissions, I was able to move the unwanted fonts to another directory. With Windows 7, though, I can't do this. Even as Administrator I can't change ownership or permissions.

A Web search turned up many similar questions but no answers that worked. Does anyone have any bright ideas about this? Don't answer unless you're either using or very familiar with Windows 7 because things are not the same as they were in W2K, XP, or Vista. Those fonts are driving me crazy.

Basically, I like Win 7 a lot. I'm getting very good performance on this computer, an Athlon 64 X2 4200+ with 3 gigs of RAM. 16-bit software will not install or work, period, but all of the 32-bit software I've installed works unless it has a 16-bit installer, as some 32-bit software does. 16-bit software will install under Windows 7 32-bit. I decided to go with 64-bit because I wanted to be ready for the future.

The niceness of Win 7 won't make me replace VectorLinux 6 Standard as my main operating system, however. The only times I use Windows are when I need to do something I can't do in Linux, and those times are few.
--Judy M.

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