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Default Published author's caution

Wasn't quite sure where to put this and decided this was the best place...

The following is from one of the lists I'm on:

>>In an attempt to stop copyright infringement, I am sending the following information to the addressees. I know that some of you are represented on this web site (http://bookaza.com/) or you know people who are represented. Please do us all a favor and forward it to those not addressed here. Thanks.
Joe Butts

This was posted on one of the local RWA chapter loops.

***Permission to forward granted***

An author on one of my publisher lists has found an illegal ebook site that contains ebook versions of huge numbers of books from the major publishers as well as the small press and ebook publishers. We're talking everyone from Mary Jo Putney to Stephen King, Dan Brown, and JK Rowling.

JK Rowling, by the way, is the dead giveaway that this site is illegal since she refuses to have any of the Harry Potter novels sold as an ebook. The site's pricing is also another dead giveaway. The books are overpriced individually yet the membership club is so underpriced that a legitimate site
would go bankrupt in a short time.

Even if you can't find your own book at the site, please contact your editor immediately and report the site so your publisher can help put these pirates out of business.

DO NOT send an email to this site asking that your book be removed. Normally, that would send the site underground to reappear under another name, but in this case, this site is so damn brazen that it will take some very high-priced lawyers and probably the US Government to shut it down, and an email from you would be a waste of time.

Feel free to pass along this information to any author list or individual author who may be affected. My name need not be included, but my caveats above should be.

The site is http://bookaza.com/ .

For the readers who are reading this.... If you find a site that you believe is a pirate site, please contact an author who is being affected and let her know. Most authors have email contact information on their websites, and you can find the author's website by typing their name into Google or another search engine.

Please pass this on to other authors you know.

A Concerned Author,
Joe Butts
Joe Butts Photography
(505) 388-2826 <<
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