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Default Word Images to PS

I am working on a journal in ID 3 (Windows). All the incoming files are in Word. Several include embeded images. I am certain most of them were copied from some web site and the chances of the author having higher resolution version is almost nil.

I wanted to get the images into PS to make them grayscale, then do upscaling and sharpening. Of course copy from Word and paste into PS does not work as one would expect. The images appear to be 256 color! But I did discover that pasting into ID preserves the color and copy from ID to PS also preserves color. There is normally some extra white space, but I have to edit in PS anyhow.

Does anyone know a better way?
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If you have Acrobat, make a high resolution (press quality) pdf from Word. This is a good way to make sure you have the highest quality output from Word. Open this pdf in photoshop. I assume by ID you mean Indesign, you can also export high res pdf out of there, and open in photoshop. It is quite possible your images are 256 colour if they were copied from the Internet and pasted into Word. If it's junk from the internet there isn't much you can do no matter what.
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Steve Rindsberg
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Save from Word to HTML (not single-file MHT but regular html). Look in the folder of supporting files it produces. There should be, amongst other things, full resolution/color versions of whatever the user dropped into Word in the first place (unless they've pasted in OLE stuff).

Steve Rindsberg
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I find printscreen at the right resolution/scale is the best
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That works very well. Thanks.

Seems to return the original images. Some are GIFs, some PNGs, most JPGs. What is odd is that there are two versions of some images, but not all, at different resolutions....
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From my experience - just pdf them and proof them - I really havent had a problem .
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