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Default You know what I miss about paper?

(curmudgeon alert)

You know what I miss about paper?

With paper you can't *hide* things...

It seems more and more the latest generations of software development folks (be that web or real) think it's just fine to hide stuff. ...as a "cop out" way to keep their needlessly complex user experiences from becoming overwhelming (better answer ---> work HARDER on making your ux not suck to begin with).


I brought up Yosemite today (for the first time ... long story as to why) and jumped into Safari and it insisted on hiding the menu bar by default (i.e., going full screen). While it only took me 20 minutes of aggravation to figure out how to make it stop (doing that) it was 20 minutes of my life that I WANT BACK (thank you very much)! There was no "Full Screen" (or Not Full Screen) menu option, there was no Window behavior Preference, there was no System Preference. There was NOTHING related to this SUPER annoying "feature" (except solve my pet puzzle and maybe we'll give you a cookie, human). A google search and a deep read of some user conversation clued me into to holding Option when I clicked on the (green) Maximize button. WTF?!?

Why do the kids these days want me to solve their pet puzzle just to open the (proverbial) refrigerator door?

You can't hide things with paper...
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