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As I commented in a previous post, I have version 1.x of Affinity Publisher. The last release of that before the upgrade to version 2.x was 1.10. I had version 1.9, so I have now updated my version as far as I can go without buying the update.

I just made another attempt at using this program to format a book. I chose a small book that I have already published, so it is completely formatted for printing in Word.
I had to research it through YouTube videos, because it's well hidden, but there is a way to set up a single page and then auto-flow text into it.

BUT ... Affinity doesn't recognize section breaks from Word, so the chapters don't break where they're supposed to. I suppose there's a way to work around that (I can think of a couple of ways), but I can't justify the expenditure of time and effort needed to figure out something as basic as that when it should be built into the program.

I am very disappointed, to say the least.

The price for version 2.x is quite a bit higher than what I paid for version 1. Since version 2 didn't add either of the two features most users requested from version 1, there's no way I'm going to upgrade to version 2. I'll leave version 1 on my computer for awhile, but I expect I'll eventually get tired of seeing the shortcut icon on my desktop and uninstall it.

My assessment: don't waste your money. It may be good for laying out multi-column magazine pages with lots of graphics but, for books ... it's a non-starter.
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