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barrie: I am referring to accessing my compuserve mail by Thunderbird using pop. In my server settings for my compuserve account the server is identified as pop.csi.com.
You know what? I know why you are confused because I completely misread your post! Really...some days they shouldn't let me out without a keeper...'-}}

TBird's saved logins/passwords entries can indeed be different from the server names/addresses one enters for an account because those server name/addresses you enter are just fronts which allows the provider to change/redirect behind the scenes.

>>Could you kindly check your settings in Thunderbird for your compuserve account

You bet!

My TBird login/password entries for my cserve account has NO ref to "pop.mail.yahoo.com". I wonder if you have that ref to yahoo because of the change you made in your earlier attempt? My guess is that you didn't go into TBird's login/password and either deleted (or modified?) when you changed the server entries back to pop.csi.com?

Check wherever your mail is stored--oftentimes "C:\Users\mywinuserid\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\tbirdprofilename\Mail" unless you have your mail put elsewhere as I do (in the same partition where I have all my software installed: "F:\ThunderbirdMail\Mail")--because my cserve mail is stored in "F:\ThunderbirdMail\Mail\pop.csi.com". I wonder if your mail is stored in "...\Mail\pop.mail.yahoo.com" which was created when you did your first try at making the change for the new approach???

>>Have you yet changed to a special app password for Thunderbird?

No...I've not done anything yet for either TBird or Eudora --I live in the fantasy world that this is all going to go away if I ignore it...la la la la...'-}}

I think but I'm not sure that if one uses multiple email software as I do with my cserve account set up in both TBird and Eudora, that I may only need ONE of these stupid app passwords--that the app password is for the account not the email software but, I won't know definitively until I make the change and as noted above, I ain't moving at all swiftly to do anything...'-}}


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