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Default No Good Coffee Shops!!!

I should be writing something right now, but the objective is complex and the concentration required intense-- so instead I'm making this post. I can't get into it. In the past this wasn't a problem for me-- I would just go to Winchell's or Dunkin Doughnuts and consume large amounts of coffee and sugar, and the writing would just flow. But now we have Starbucks and all these fancy coffee shops, and it doesn't help my concentration at all--and I can't eat all that sugar now anyway. However, there is this one coffee shop with a Victorian design, that reminds me of where I grew up in Pittsburgh, and I can write well there, but they started putting out pamphlets with commentaries I very much believed were prejudiced-- so I can't go there now.

When I first got a computer, I put it in the corner of my basement family room, and I bought a computer desk and used a dining room chair. It looked kind of funny but I was so comfy, I just kept it that way. Then, years later, I decided the computer needed its own room, so I moved it. But then, I couldn't get comfortable in the chair. So, I had to go out and buy a comfortable office chair, and that helped my work.

Hmmm--what do I do now?? No more Winchell's and Dunkin. Winchell's was always good. I learned Hebrew there. I would go at 5 a.m. every morning and it was very dark and I had the coffee and doughnuts, and learning a language was never so easy, but if I tried to study Hebrew anywhere else, it was impossible.

Hmmm--what do I do now??

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