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Andrew B.
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Default Internet Explorer is not a browser

How's that for a catchy thread title???

Anyway, Microsoft has advised people to NOT use IE as their browser

...you should only use IE selectively for internal sites that need it, pointing to tools like Enterprise Mode Site List in IE 11 that help customers make the transition and limit IE use to where it's needed.

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Steve Rindsberg
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Journos. Sheesh. A link off that article points to one headlined:

"Microsoft says you shouldn't buy its awful software"
"Redmond, for some bizarre reason, releases ads that mock Office 2019. It wants you to buy Office 365 instead."

The author, Chris Matyszczyk, has apparently been asleep for the past five years or so. Hey! Chris! Ever heard of "SUBSCRIPTIONS"? It's all the rage now. All the big kids are doing it, MS included.

Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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Why anyone in their right mind would use IE is beyond me but, then again, I don't understand anyone in their right mind using Microsoft Office so, it's probably me rather than thee...'-}}

And...FIE on saas!


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