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Andrew B.
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Wouldn't it be easier to put the pictures on more than one layer and use a layer mask and brush tool to reveal the useful parts of each photo.
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Focusing a lens changes its focal length. This is very noticeable at macro distances. So you have to resize each image in each layer. Otherwise you get a stairstep effect from layer to layer.
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Eric Ladner
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Sorry to be so late coming to this discussion.

The Olympus E-500 (and presumably other cameras) will bracket in front of and behind a manually set focus distance. I realize that this is not the depth of field bracketing you were looking for, but with the lens stopped down as far as possible for as much depth of field as possible (never much at macro distances), it might increase your chances of getting the area you want in focus.

I almost always go to manual focus for macro work, as the autofocus is likely to search back and forth a lot, and you're more likely to get the shot by setting a desired reproduction ratio - 1:4, 1:2, 1:1, etc. - and moving in with the camera until the subject comes into focus.

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I own the Olympus E-500 and its really a great camera. I'm still playing around with it and learning all of its features but I love it so far.

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Originally Posted by curveto View Post
So I've been practicing some macro photography lately which has left me wondering why no camera has an F-stop bracketing feature. They all have exposure bracketing but it would also be nice to have a feature whereby,when in aperture mode, the camera will take a second (or tertiary) shot at a 1/2 or 1 stop either side of your selected aperture.

Aside from taking the artist out of the equation somewhat, is there something I'm missing that dictates why they don't have such a feature?
My Fujifilm FinePix e900 has a bracketing feature. I suspect others do also.

John culleton
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